Expanded Consciousness

Oct 28, 2023

The summer before 6th grade, I was by myself at the middle school pool when a girl walked up to me and asked if I wanted to pretend we were twins. Some kid in her class had pointed at me and asked if I was her twin and she thought that was a great idea. We did look a lot alike and I said, “sure.” This was the start of a lifelong friendship. 

We are forever bonded in many ways. One is that our dads died on the same day, May 20th, several years apart. Her dad was in WWII and was on the crew that flew the famous Memphis Bell home after it was de-commissioned. My dad was on an aircraft carrier in the Navy during Vietnam. Both are buried at Ft. Snelling Cemetery.

Soon after my dad was interred, my friend and I went there with her then 4-year-old daughter. Since I had recently stood at his plot for the burial ceremony, replete with a 21-gun salute, I could easily find it again. But it had been a few years since she’d been there and in a sea of symmetrically aligned white marble headstones, there are over 200,000 of them, she was having trouble finding her dad’s. 

She was becoming more and more frustrated by the unending rows of white dots, criss-crossing back and forth, not sure if she’d checked this particular row yet or not. All the while her daughter was running merrily through the lush, manicured grass that made a stunning green back drop for the stones. All of a sudden she flopped down onto the ground, as if to hug it, and exclaimed, “Grandpa!” We walked over to where she was and sure enough, she was sitting directly in front of her grandpa’s grave. 

My friend’s reaction was strong. No way could this young girl have been able to read the gravestone. She didn’t know her grandfather’s name and in fact had never met him. It was illogical. And, it was scary. My friend responded with a mix of shock and fear tinged with anger. It was a gut reaction to hundreds of years of the oppression of subtle knowing woven into the fibers of our being. Every woman who has had a relationship with the unseen world has been given a message - overt or covert - that this isn’t cool. Not only is it not cool but for many, it was deadly. 

In that moment, because it was so scary to her mom, that little girl pulled down the curtain, closed the door and said goodbye to her relationship to the unseens. It’s happened to all of us. Without realizing it, we’ve been told in many ways to shut down rather than cultivate our expanded awareness of the subtle realms.

Do you remember an incident like this in your life? Were you ever told that your sensitivity to the subtle realm was wrong or scary or weird?

Physicists have been trying to shake the public awake about the very subjective nature of time and space, yet the culture at large refuses to accept these measured facts.

So here we sit. Sensitive and aware. Made wrong for it most of our lives. Or at least we’ve understood that it’s not something to cultivate or share.

I’m here to suggest that you are safe to explore your connection. That this is a gift, and it’s a gift that’s needed now more than ever. The subjective space is where we need to evolve.

This is the difference between separation and connection. The more of us who live into the ultimate Oneness of reality, the ability to communicate with unseens, a sense of intelligence in natural objects, the interconnectedness of all, the more peace and prosperity will exist.

This state of expanded consciousness is just as contagious as the flu or an anxious state. Your awareness increases awareness for all.

Your natural inclination for quiet solitude, time in nature and deep thoughts all support the cultivation of your expanded consciousness. So keep at it. Guard this time in your life. 

This is our work together, and I’m glad you’re here for it.

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