Hi, I’m Mira

...a business coach for  aspiring, emerging and expanding highly sensitive entrepreneurs. 

I'm also a fellow deep sensing person, holistic lifestyle consultant, author, yoga therapist, lover of nature and frequent napper. 

My mission is to...

empower highly sensitive people with greater understanding, practical tools and support for your unique way of being in the world while building a business you love. Through a framework of Yoga therapy, Ayurveda, engaged community and holistic lifestyle consulting, we'll work together to help you reset and re-align as you move through the changing seasons and cycles of life. And, make money that matters.

The beauty of this process is that it wakes you up to your purpose and pleasure. It allows you to dance to your own rhythms and the rhythms of nature. This is why I created HSP Holistic.

As a high-sensing and deep-processing person you can:

Embrace your authentic self.

Find a like-minded community.

Have a place to learn and grow.

Sharpen the lens of awareness.

Feel seen and understood for who you are.

Create a renewed and more fulfilling life that is compatible with your trait.

Use your unique way of being as an asset in your business so it's fulfilling and sustainable. 

Sensitivity and deep processing can be incredible assets. Let's cultivate these together. 


My Story

I became interested in the science of consciousness when I was 15 years old. Fortunately, our local library had many books on the topic along with a huge stuffed soft leather baseball mitt where I could curl up on to pour through them. At this time I also had a desire to serve children with special needs. This led me to pursue a degree in child psychology, travel across India studying traditional yoga, and later develop a teacher training program for children's yoga called Global Family Yoga. In 2021, I wrote a book called Anxious to Awesome: A Practical Guide for the Whole Family. The following year, I crashed.

It was November when I sank into a swamp of despair, for seemingly no apparent reason. My creativity and inspiration dried up. My will to live was but a thin thread. "But isn't she a Yogi?" said the critical voice in my head. "Doesn't she have - and teach - a holistic lifestyle?" Yes. But I stopped doing the things I know to do to stay well - body, mind and soul. I could still sense the residual momentum from many decades of practice like a faint whisper, but I needed to do something to get back in touch with it. So I reinstated into my life the daily routine, tools and mindset I've used since high school to be centered, strong and aware. 

During this process, a longtime friend opened my eyes to the fact that I too am a highly sensitive person (HSP). I realized there are countless women who, like me, grew up with this trait long before it was named.

I came to understand that sensitivity and deep processing are extraordinary assets that when understood and cultivated, can lead to profound growth and fulfillment both personally and professionally. It was during this transformative period that HSP Holistic was born. 

Since then, people have been looking for business advice that's tailored to the highly sensitive person. I've been running my own businesses that support my need for freedom, rest and purpose for over 30 years and translating business strategy and tools to suit the HSP trait. Now, I can help you do the same. 

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