A 9-month small group coaching program to grow your business in alignment with your highly sensitive nature.


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Most of the business tools and strategies out there are not made for the highly sensitive person.

Hustle culture and bro marketing aren't your style. 


In 9 months you’ll have a plan that’s been put into play to make money that matters, doing what you love in a way that supports your nature. You’ll be in the habit of consistently taking the right action to create and grow your business in a way that feels sustainable and nourishing for you.
Clarify what you want to do, who needs what you have to offer and how to get it out into the world.
Choose one to three channels to connect with your ideal customers/clients. (It gets to be what you love, not what you feel you "should" do.)
Develop a plan and habits to support that plan so you know exactly what to do each time you get to work. Wake up every day knowing exactly what to do (and what not to do).

In this 9-month incubator you'll get clarity around and take action on:

Who YOU Are

Get clear about your skills, talents, experience and expertise along with your passion and interests so the work you do in the world energizes you because it's uniquely yours to do. 

Who Your Ideal Client Is

Yes, it can be that jump up and down feeling of, "I can't believe we get to work together!" for both you and your ideal customer - every time. There are people out there waiting for you, who are just as excited as you are to work together.

Your Offer

With clarity about who you are and who your ideal client/customer is, you'll then get crystal clear on the perfect solution that feels great to deliver and is a treasure to receive. 

Your Message

Say what your ideal client is aching to hear. "Marketing" becomes fun when you understand the rich and meaningful conversation you're having with your right-fit clients. 

Your Mindset

Being a business owner is a wonderful adventure. I like to think of it as a personal growth journey disguised as a business opportunity. Mindset is a significant part of the equation. You'll have lots of support in The Collective to step into your power, uplevel your beliefs and lead in your space with confidence.  


You're business (whatever stage it's at) is as unique as you are. And yet, it can feel lonely and overwhelming to "go it alone." No need. With The Collective you'll give and receive support at every stage of your business. 

The Collective is for you if:

  • You're an aspiring entrepreneur: You dream about having your own business, or just NOT doing what you're doing now professionally. You're like a butterfly, still in her cocoon. You may or may not have an idea about what this biz is but there's an ache in your heart to be better understood, more appreciated for your experience and talent, work with great people and make a difference in the world doing what you love.
  • You're an emerging entrepreneur: You've taken the leap! You've got an idea, a name, a website and/or maybe a few customers. You see the road ahead but still feel wobbly like a newborn fawn finding her legs. You've tasted freedom and you're committed to never going back.
  • You're an expanding entrepreneur: You started your own business to express your unique genius on your terms, but you're starting to feel burned out, overwhelmed and want to revamp the way you work. Or, your ready to take it to the next level and want to do that by working smarter, not harder.  
  • You've got a gig, side-hustle or passion project: and you want to make the most of it. This could be making music, selling art, driving for Uber or Instacart or freelancing in any field.   

The Collective is $347 a month for this 9 month commitment. Join now and pay just $197 a month!

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Janice Lodato

It’s been super valuable to get the clear action steps of what I need to do. And when I felt stuck, you had a way to gently nudge me so I could get myself out of that. It was important to me not to feel overwhelmed during this process and I never did.

Kelsey Peterson

It’s been valuable for me to get clear about my ideal customer and what she needs from me. I feel like I have a lot more clarity that I needed. I just needed that one little jump and this conversation helped me.

The Collective is in this gorgeous interactive online gathering space.

We meet bi-monthly for group coaching to share your wins, get all your questions answered and connect with others in the group. We also meet once a month for New Moon Mindset Mastery sessions. There will be open co-working times available as well. 

Group coaching sessions are on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of each month. New Moon Mindset Mastery sessions will be on a Monday closest to the New Moon. 

Become A Member of The Collective

Hello! I'm Mira Binzen, founder of HSP Holistic and The Collective. 

My mission is to empower highly sensitive and neurodiverse people with greater understanding, practical tools and support for your unique way of being in the world while building a business you love. Through a framework of Yoga therapy, Ayurveda, engaged community and holistic lifestyle consulting, we'll work together to help you craft a business that's uniquely yours, feels good to run and fills a need in this world. 

I've been running my own businesses for the last 30 years and have learned much through trial and error. I've learned how to adapt the business tools and strategies out there to my highly sensitive nature while living in harmony with my own nature and the natural world. I can save you years of testing this and trying that, plus help you connect with what matters most to you while you serve and prosper. This is why I created HSP Holistic.

All The Tools You Need To Build A Successful Business as an HSP

If you want:

  • More agency to advocate for yourself - your time, energy and capacity.
  • To be understood as a highly sensitive person.
  • To save time and money building a business and life you love.
  • To put an offer out into the world.
  • Passion and purpose in whatever you do.
  • Clarity and Peace.

If you've been:

  • Having to choose between your health and overall life balance and meeting someone else's bottom line.
  • Stuck in cycles that aren't serving you and your holistic well-being.
  • Putting off your dream and waiting for "the right time."

If you don't want to:

  • Waste time trying tools that aren't made for you.
  • Feel overwhelmed as you create a soverign plan for yourself.
  • Go it alone.

Then, it's time to join The Collective.

Yes! I Want This

The amount of time you'll save searching for the tools and strategies you need is priceless. The Collective is just $347 a month.

This is our launch year so it's available for just $197 a month.