A Consciousness Glow Up

Feb 14, 2024


Not to pretend I’m any younger than I am, I’ll admit I wasn’t aware of the term “glow up” until recently. I’ve been noticing glow up videos on YouTube. Someone did a financial glow up where she talked about improving financial well-being through debt reduction, savings and a good budget. I also watched one on mindset – stay positive, reduce stress, be nice and smile more. Another did a classic glow up involving nails, hair, good posture and a reminder that true glow comes from exercise and drinking lots of water.

Turns out glow up is a play on the term grow up. It’s an upgrade or a transformation into some better version of yourself, a significant change in style and maturity.

Though largely the domain of the teens and twenties set, I thought it would be fun to put together this consciousness glow up. Because, just like true physical glow comes from exercise and drinking lots of water, your experience of the world comes from a clear and elevated consciousness. It’s well established in physics that we’re literally creating our reality – the state of our mind is projected onto the world and that’s what we experience. A consciousness glow up offers a significant upgrade in this experience.

There are several layers of consciousness. To think of it very simplistically, the closer to the hub of the wheel we are, the more interconnected and whole we’ll feel. The spokes are further apart out at the outer edges of the wheel. Separation and isolation are at crisis levels today. A consciousness glow up can bring us all closer to the hub of the wheel and promote connection for everyone. All minds are joined. One of the most brave and bold social actions we can take is to elevate our consciousness.

This is what the phrase “vibe up” means. Think about a radio dial (yes, the age thing again). You receive what you are tuned to. Refining consciousness is tuning to a higher, more refined signal.

In addition to raising the vibes for all, a consciousness glow up can help you feel less reactive and more intuitive. Less fearful and more loving. It can help you have a less narrow focus and more of a 360-degree awareness.

Ready to Glow Up?

Tip 1: Embrace Yourself

Love yourself exactly as you are. You’re perfect. There’s nothing you need to fix because you’re not broken. Befriend and celebrate yourself. If you’re a woman, you grew up bombarded with images of impossibly high cultural standards about how to look and what to be - all set to sell products. Content people don’t make good consumers. Become more aware of this programmed self-talk and when you notice, simply say, “Hey, don’t talk to my friend that way.” Because this friend is you.

Tip 2: Embrace Silence

Turn off the media in the background. Drive without music or podcasts. Take a walk in the woods with your device tucked away. Bake bread in a quiet kitchen. There’s much to be discovered in silence. It increases self-awareness, creativity and calm. Turning down the static in life creates a clear channel for intuition and insight.

Tip 3: Embrace Boredom

The need to constantly have input weakens creativity, intuition and trust. Boredom is an aversion to one’s own mind. But boredom is a brain state that allows for repair, memorization and novel solutions. This is where you can imagine your future and program the brain to start looking for it. More cultural programming needs to be dismantled here. Have you ever heard the phrase “An idle mind is the devil’s playground”? It turns out that an idle mind is an important brain state. It’s part of the default mode network. There’s more neural activity happening in this state than when the brain is on task, making a bored mind essential for healthy functioning – and elevated consciousness.

Tip 4: Embrace Curiosity

This is the beginner’s mind. Look in wonder at all you see. Be delighted and surprised. It increases positivity and creativity. The primitive part of the brain loves habit and routine. It’s safer. It doesn’t want novelty. Recognize that you’re working against this programming and as with any new habit, it takes repeated effort. Try on phrases like, “I wonder…” and “I don’t know…” and “Tell me more.” and “Yes!”

Tip 5: Embrace Nature

Microbes, aromatic compounds, trees talking to each other and the interconnected network of mycelium underground all benefit the human mind. The natural movements of birds and beasts, rivers and planets remind us of our own natural rhythms. Spending time in nature is a critical component of well-being and naturally elevates consciousness.

Tip 6: Embrace Meditation

This isn’t nearly as hard as it may seem to many. If you’re new to meditation, or your practice has fallen by the wayside, set a timer for two minutes and sit. That’s right. You can build a strong meditation habit in two minutes a day. Less is more to start. Trying to meditate for twenty minutes as a beginner can feel impossible and you’re more likely to drop it.

Follow these simple steps to cultivate a daily meditation habit. It’s the foundation to a consciousness glow up.

  • Set a timer for two minutes.
  • Sit tall and relaxed in any comfortable position.
  • Close your eyes or gaze at the empty space in front of you.
  • Let your attention settle on the rise and fall of your own breath. You’re just watching, not participating.

Your mind will wander approximately 10,000 times during this two-minute session. Whenever you notice this has happened, bring your attention back to your breath. This is called awareness. You noticed your mind had wandered and you did something about it. Don’t make yourself wrong, just come back to the breath. You’re developing a valuable skill.

Meditation is not about having a perfectly serene mind. It’s about developing the awareness and the strength to make that rambunctious puppy of a mind sit and stay. Like a puppy, a well-trained mind becomes your loyal best friend. This can be done in two minutes a day. And, it can change the world.

When you’re more comfortable with silence and boredom and have some experience cultivating space between a thought and your response to it (from meditating), when you notice and appreciate nature, delight in curiosity and yourself exactly as you are, not only will you be glowing more, you’ll be also vibrating at a higher level. And, likely enjoying life a lot more. Your consciousness glow up leads you towards the center of the wheel, where everything is connected, working as one. This is a transformation that has benefits at any age.


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