The Only Thing That Remains The Same Is Change

Aug 16, 2023

Change is a part of life. You can be sure that whatever is going on right now will be different sooner or later. Wanted and unwanted. Learning to ride this change and live in tune with the cycles of your own life and the natural world can help you feel less overwhelmed and less out of sync.


We live in cycles of change. 


You have a chance to hit the reset button each day when you fall asleep, each month at the new moon, and each quarter at the change of seasons. Pair this with simple, small intentions and slight adjustments to create a compound effect that leads to a radically expanded way of being over time. 


It’s the difference between paddling frantically against the current and dipping your paddle into the flow to make minor adjustments to stay on course. 


As a deep sensing and processing person, you feel these transitions intensely and they can be destabilizing. This can lead to overwhelm, withdrawal, anxious feelings and a chaotic life. 


One change we all move through together is the change of seasons. This is an important time to establish routines that align with the qualities of the upcoming season. This is why I’ve created Seasonal Resets. 


Fall Fortify begins September 18 online and September 20 in-person.


Last winter, I fell into a swamp of despair. Although, as my dear one lovingly pointed out, I really didn't have any reason. But I did. Life was okay. But I wasn't taking care of myself. I became despondent as I teetered on the edge of darkness. The practices, mindset and lifestyle choices that I know nourish me fell by the wayside. 


Prevention is at the heart of holistic. Even though the sun is shining and the weather is sweet, the seasons continue to cycle. Let's prepare for winter together during this 5-week Fall Fortify Seasonal Reset. It's all been thoughtfully designed to keep the mind and heart bright through the dark days ahead. 

This is for you if you know you have a hard time in the winter with your physical or mental/emotional wellbeing. Or if you have other changes occurring in your life as well. 

-       Work has changed 

-       A lifelong friend just moved away 

-       Your kid is moving back home this winter 

-       You're reconsidering habits around food, sleep and movement 


You deserve a supportive community, effective tools and a

deeper understanding of how to live in tune with nature. Following her cycles is a powerful way to stay well. 


It’s made all the difference for me. 


So please join me for this inspiring and rejuvenating program. Choose online, in-person (in Chanhassen, MN) or both! 

Since this is a new program, you can bring a friend for free. When you register, you'll get a link to give to someone else to register. Gift it or split the cost, up to you.


Today is the New Moon in Leo. Tap into the heart-forward courage of this Leo energy and plant the seeds of your boldest intentions. 


This is one of those reset points where you have access to an eraser to wipe the slate clean of whatever no longer serves and tell a new story. 


Read more about new moon intentions here: 


If you would like to take a bold move and register for Fall Fortify right now, this new moon supports you perfectly. Align with an intention of mindful and empowered change. 

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