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As a deep sensing person, you require time and space to process all that you take in. Are you able to take the time you need in your life?

You’re functional, but not fulfilled.You’re successful, getting things done, but deal with overwhelm on a daily basis. You feel drained and can’t seem to get your tank back to “full.” 

Something feels a bit off. It’s like you are a beautifully complex puzzle with just a couple of pieces out of place. You know they’re nearby somewhere and putting these pieces in place will make all the difference. 

Your tendency to deeply process what you think, feel and sense along with your need for rest and reflection are the very tools you can use to transform.

I can help you:

Silence that whisper of a mantra that’s been running in your head, “what’s wrong with me?” (Operating with a nervous system that functions differently than 80% of the rest of the world often leaves HSPs with a sense of feeling flawed. I’m here to tell you this just isn’t true). 

Learn to handle relationships, social situations, and work demands with greater self-understanding and confidence.

Develop a systemso you can engage fully in life without drowning in overwhelm.

Create a lifestyle that allows for more rest and reflection as well as creative expression.

The trait “highly sensitive person” was not studied or understood until the mid-90s. If you were already an adult by this time, it means that you grew up feeling and sensing differently without context for it. It’s likely you were misunderstood and perhaps even mistreated.

Schedule a free wellbeing consult and, I’ll help you:

Clarify your vision and direction so you know when you want to engage and when you want to rest. And, how to do both in a way that is nourishing and sustainable.

Strategize actions to prevent burnout and overwhelm and stay well for the long term.

Upgrade (or develop) skills for living in tune with the cycles and seasons of nature, your own natural rhythm and a lifestyle that honors who you are (not who you or others think you should be).

Optimize your environment to soothe your senses and promote both deep rest as well as creative inspiration.

Master your mindset so you become your own best advocate for long term, robust wellbeing.

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