Leap Year Reveals The Man Behind The Curtain

Feb 28, 2024

For hundreds of years we’ve been following an external rhythm. For many this is feeling more and more out of synch. This imposed pace is revealed in an almost amusing way every four years when an extra day is added to the calendar and called Leap Year.

The number of minutes in an hour, hours in a day and days in a year are all human constructs. And they’re ultimately not true. Physicists have shown how both time and space are subjective.

Our internal rhythms and the rhythms of nature are much more synchronized.

Sure, it makes sense to use days of the week and local time zones when making a coffee date with a friend or booking an appointment. But don’t forget about the true schedule running at the root of it all.

The Gregorian calendar, the one we use today, comes from Pope Gregory XIII who didn’t like that Easter was drifting further away from the Spring Equinox because of the inaccurate way time was kept in those days. The number of days it takes the earth to rotate around the sun isn’t exactly divisible by the number of hours in a day. So instead of simply living in tune with nature, “man” tries to manipulate and distort time, to bend it to their will.

Traditionally Easter was on March 21. One of the world’s largest religions aligned the resurrection with the rebirth of nature. We all experience an increase in light at this time whether it’s conceived of as the coming of Christ Consciousness or not. In this way, we’re all unified. But to make time do as we say, it begins to separate us from the natural flow of life.

Leap Year is just one example of dominator culture trying to have power over nature, instead of power with her. “Well, we didn’t get the math quite right so let’s pop an extra day into the calendar every four years so we can keep loosely aligned with nature and don’t end up with July in the winter.”

It makes me think of The Great and Powerful Oz. The man behind the curtain acts as some great, powerful Being, who’s ultimately a fraud. And, significantly, not powerful. His power was a myth.

The power is yours. It belongs to you, to each one of us. Living in synch with your rhythms and the wise rhythms of nature is one way to reclaim your power.

Unconscious habits, following along with the media culture, and not inquiring within are all habits that perpetuate this power imbalance.

Humanity is moving from a power over structure to a power with structure. By the people, for the people. In a way that we’ve never seen before. We can lead the way.

I’m excited. Are you?

This is why I feel so passionate about supporting highly sensitive entrepreneurs who find their place at the table. Having your own business is a form of power.

Forget the 1st of the month. That’s an arbitrary schedule whose ultimate inaccuracy and disconnect from nature is revealed every four years when an extra day is thrown into the month of February just to keep things aligned with the true schedule of nature. 

It’s a conscious choice. Live in the man-made calendar but not be of it. Spending more time in nature, noticing her rhythms and cultivating a community of others who do the same supports this choice.

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