Let's Walk Together

Apr 22, 2024

Last week I was on retreat in New Hampshire with my mom and her dear friend who I also regard as a mentor.

This friend took me down the road the day I arrived to show me a nice walk around the area. She pointed out the features of the land as we went, what road to turn on, and then described some landmarks around the 1.5-mile “block” back to her home, including the Goldsmith Tavern where 3,000 Union troops marched through for a meal in 1777.

As we walked, I looked across the fields and layers of mountains and saw some strips of snow on the furthest mountains. She told me it was Sugarbush ski resort in Vermont – 81 miles away. This was my vista for 5 days. I could feel my mind open up and quiet down. It was soothing to my psyche. The opposite of the 3” lighted screen 12” from my eyes. As frenetic mental energy settled, I realized how important it is for me to go on retreat. It seems the more busy, chaotic and overwhelming life feels, the more crucial it is to pause.

And, walk.

As I wandered these roads each day, I pondered. My mentor showed me the way for the first part, to help me get oriented, and then gave me clear directions to go off on my own. It occurred to me that this is what I’m doing when coaching highly sensitive people.

I could have found my way on my own, but it likely would have resulted in a couple of wrong turns, doubting if I was on the right road and spending more time figuring things out and less time walking and taking in the beauty of the area.

This has been my experience when trying to DIY everything in my business. It undoubtedly has cost me years of time and thousands of dollars. Now that I’m coaching aspiring and emerging entrepreneurs, I get to share what I’ve learned while helping them avoid the detours.

There are roads I’ve been traveling for decades. These roads are how I’ve created a livelihood that aligns with my values and interests, my need to be on purpose, and to live in alignment with my energy and capacity.

This land of entrepreneurship is familiar to me. I’ve hit the bumps. I’ve freewheeled down the open roads. I know the attractions and dead ends along the way.

I’d love to show you the way, as my mentor did on those mountain roads when I first arrived and didn’t know where to go.

You too can have a livelihood that shows others the roads you’ve been traveling, your wins and losses, your studies and adventures. What are the roads you’ve traveled that you’d like to show others? It has value and can become a business that sustains you and suits your nature.

Some of us know certain roads better than others. You can share your experiences, point out the sites and see others off on their journey as you journey forth on your lively path, make your way, and maybe find a new way. You can make the world a better place simply by being you and letting those who would best benefit know about it.

If you’d like to have a conversation about your livelihood, your roads, your path, I’d love to connect. Schedule a call with me right here.

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