Harnessing Energetic Intelligence: 

Strategies for Highly Sensitive People at Work

As a sensitive person, you're already extra aware of your energy body.

Transform how you manage your energy for your work in the world. 

Navigate your entrepreneurial journey with strategic insight and confidence, ensuring that your sensitivity is leveraged as the powerful asset it is.

Wednesday, May 22

@ Noon central time


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Feeling Uncertain About Your Energy?

You know that uncomfortable feeling you get when a plane takes off or the rollercoaster crests the top of the biggest hill? Tapping into your energy may feel like that, but it doesn't have to. There are some simple and effective grounding and centering techniques I'll share. You'll also hear from others so you have a context for the vast subjective world waiting for you. 

As a yoga therapist, I'll take you on a guided tour of your energy anatomy (including the chakras, nadis and prana vayus - don't worry I'll explain all this) and show you how it supports your work in the world. 

Your energy is your power. Tap it to it. 

"Thank you for guiding us and sharing your wisdom!"

With gratitude,
Janice Lodato



What you'll learn:

  • Understanding Your Sensitivity: Dive deep into the science of sensitivity and discover how it impacts your interaction with your environment and energy.
  • Strategies for Managing Sensory Overload: Gain practical tips on modifying your workspace, managing emotional responses, and setting energetic boundaries that promote mental clarity and focus.
  • Techniques for Emotional and Energetic Regulation: Master grounding, centering and mindfulness techniques that help you maintain your energy levels and recover quickly from high-energy situations.


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